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Artists – work with us!

Calling all Artists: Let’s COLLABORATE!

Are you an artist looking to expand and diversify your scope of work? We’d love to be a part of that journey with you! That’s why we’re looking for an Australian based artist to create a unique piece of artwork to be developed into Limited Edition prints that’ll adorn jackets inside & out. It’s an acquisitive opportunity, which means that we’ll be paying the selected artist for the commissioned work.  You’ll then work with our Melbourne based design team where your artwork will be developed to form awesome prints ready for fabrication… and honestly, we’re a nice bunch to work with!

Evie Barrow Collaboration 2018

Why we’d LOVE to collaborate

We’ve been a family owned business since day one. Having a close-knit team has always meant that we like to support and nurture our team to be the best we can be, and make the most of every opportunity. Over afternoon tea one day we all got chatting, we figured why can’t we extend that supportive element outside of the Rainbird office? We wanted to support something and someone that genuinely reflected our contemporary Australian culture because that’s what we’re really passionate about. What better way than doing this than by collaborating with Australian Artists?

Working side by side with artists, gives the artist the opportunity to see their work developed into commercial products which helps to diversify their portfolio and develop their print work. The journey encompasses artwork submissions to print development work, which is finally translated onto real live products for all to wear! For us, this collaboration means we can challenge the expectations within the outdoor industry. We are different, we innovate, and we are unique. Who says weather-proof jackets have to be boring?!

The Rainbird Collaboration Series

Here at Rainbird, we love to be inspired, to create and to explore the possibilities. Be that within our new weatherproof range each season, trekking our favourite hike, to exploring the newest neighbourhood café.

We’re one of Australia’s most iconic and trusted brands, having been around for 30+ years we’re the go-to weatherproof company in Australia. That’s why we’re excited to discover new, talented artists, to explore and celebrate our shared Australian heritage with and above all else, have fun along the way!

“We create performance lifestyle gear to see you through the year”


We started work on our first ever artist collaboration series with none other than street artist Silk Roy & figurative illustrator Kirrily Anderson. We embraced their different mediums, along with their strong connection to Melbourne (the same birth place of Rainbird!). Read more about the collaborations here: Silk Roy / Kirrily Anderson.

Our second collection with Evie Barrow explored the world of hand drawn illustration combined with inspiration from Australian flora and iconic Australian architecture. Read more about the collaboration here.

Our forth coming Artist Collaboration range is still yet to be announced… but we promise it’ll bring a whole heap of colour and fun to your weather-proof wardrobe!

What we’re looking for

We’re now on the lookout for our fifth artist to collaborate with – and there are simply NO restrictions to the style or mediums you use yourself as an artist… which is exactly why we are so excited to see what you do! We’re not motivated by how many social media followers you have, or how many solo shows you’ve already done, we’re motivated by finding someone that’s excited to create, to be challenged, is unique and loves the Rainbird philosophy of #LOVETHEELEMENTS

You can read more about us here.

The Process and Specifics

The whole process takes around 12-16 months from receiving your finished artwork to the product arriving for the season ahead. This current artist collaboration search is in the works for a product launch in 2020.

– Send us a link to we can view your work online (instagram is fine!) Please do not create new artwork for submission at this stage of the process – simply share with us what you have been working on that demonstrates your style.

– Use the form below to submit your details.

– If you have been selected new Artwork(s) must be created specifically to meet the brief for Rainbird, we cannot any use existing work.

– Legal ownership of the artwork must be assigned to Rainbird.

– Artwork(s) preferable to be suitable for a repeat print (this ensures it can be printed successfully onto rolls of fabric).

– We can support you in developing your artwork so that it’s suitable for repeat prints if needed.

– Keep in mind that we supply garments for both men and women (so the print(s) needs to be suitable for both).

– We will require one artwork which is suitable for both men and women, or two gender specific artworks (one artwork for women and one artwork for men)

– We believe in supporting the creative community – this is a paid opportunity.

– Artwork is supplied to our design team, who with their weatherproof knowledge will help to develop it into a commercial print for the Rainbird customers if the artwork needs it.

– A one off ‘supportive’ donation is up for discussion from Rainbird (to be discussed with chosen artist). E.g we will contribute to a show, materials to help further your skills, contribute to a course, contribute to a personal branding video etc

– Artist can be involved with the naming of the collection and prints, designing of the swing tags, creation of the photoshoot along with other social media content creation too.

– Further details will be discussed with the chosen artist

If you’re keen to work with a Melbourne family owned business on creating something really unique together, fill out your details below (including some form of online link to your work).

We can’t wait to see what you do! We’ll get back to every applicant after September 17th.

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