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Catching up with Artist Silk Roy

Catching up with Artist Silk Roy


Artist Silk Roy is multi-disciplinary artist and designer living and working in Melbourne. With Graffiti Futurism at the centre of all of his work, it’s easy to see just why Silk’s pieces stand out so much.


During the Collaboration works, we caught up with Silk Roy (first name Sahil). We found out how at the age of 13 he knew the street art scene was for him, where he finds inspiration from and who’s work has been a major influence on him to date.

What first drew you to the art scene?

I moved to Melbourne in ’98 after living in Singapore for a couple years. I was just about 13 at the time and had never seen or experienced graffiti up until this point. I would take the train to school and was captured by the artwork on the line changing day to day. Although I had no idea what it meant, who did it or how, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it all.

So, your first Solo Show is just around the corner? Tell us more!

I’m increasingly getting busier with group shows which is always nice, but 2017 marks my 10 years from where it all began so I thought it’s time I had my own show. It’ll be on the 23rd June at BSide Gallery in Fitzroy. I’m creating 20 new pieces – nothing like a bit of pressure but I’m really excited!


Where does your inspiration come from when you’re creating new pieces?

I’ve always been interested in the surfaces of our city, old buildings which have gathered layers and layers over time and have decayed, flaking off and peeling back to reveal layers of graffiti, bill posters and moments which may otherwise have been lost, but have made their way back to the surface as a temporary, totally spontaneous composition. I make a point of using ideas and techniques learnt as a graffiti artist in my process to assist in developing my style.

Who’s the one artist (past or present) you’d LOVE to meet and why?

Off the top of my head, I’d say Smash 137. He’s an artist who like myself started out in graffiti and has made a successful transition into studio art.
Instagram: @smash137

Advice you’d give to someone wanting to build a creative career?

Boring answer, but just go for it and trust your gut! ‘Success’ — however you want to define it, is in my opinion a by-product of passion and dedication. As long as you’re producing work that feels right, you’re moving forward.

Top three tips to get creative again as a hobby?

Start, have fun and always finish what you start.

Favourite brunch spot?

Anywhere with good coffee! Uncle & Jak on Johnston st, Fitzroy is always a winner.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee in the morn, tea in the evening thanks.

TimTams or Shapes?

Original Pizza Shapes are great, but my sweet tooth forces me to choose double choc coated Tim Tams. Always


Working with Sahil a.k.a Silk Roy has been a great ride, the strong visuals of his two artworks transformed into really vibrant graphics on the printed jackets.

These Limited Edition pieces have the Silk Roy prints on the outers and linings. We see the Collaboration collection fusing together Rainbird’s Melbourne heritage along with one of the things we’re best known for as a city – our street art & culture.

Check out Silk Roy’s Graffiti Futurism inspired designs & make sure you’re kitted out in style for Winter!

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