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All you need to know about seam sealing!

All you need to know about seam sealing!
October 15, 2018 RAINBIRD-ADMIN

Let’s talk seam sealing – it’s one of the most crucial factors in keeping you warm, dry and comfortable on your daily adventures! Luckily, we’ve been in the Australian weatherproof sphere for 35 years… so let’s set the record straight and kiss goodbye to the never ending confusion.

First things first… what is seam sealing?

When a garment is constructed, there are two bits of fabrics that need to be joined together. As the sewing machine goes along and adjoins these two pieces the needle naturally leaves tiny holes where the fabric has been punctured and the thread has been looped through to secure the two bits of fabric together.

Now this isn’t usually a problem when it comes to a t-shirt or your bathers as you’ll either have a jumper/jacket on top or of course the whole point is to get wet in your bathers! But, when you’re out and about and the heavens open, you don’t want a single speck of water to seep through. Something that’ll create a very soggy day ahead!

If those little holes created by the needle aren’t covered up and secured then water can most certainly seep through. The act of ‘seam sealing’ is a process where on the seam a gadget, which is similar to a role of sticky tape, is rolled along the seams. This tape is fully waterproof and safely covers the holes from allowing water to seep in. This is done on the inside of the garment so is invisible too. Checkout what it looks like below!

seam sealing

So, when it comes to ‘fully seam sealing’ and ‘critical seam sealing’ the premium (and safest) option is to always go for something that’s fully seam sealed. That means that every single seam or stitch within the garment (left by a sewing machine) will have been addressed and will have been sealed with the specific seam sealing tape.

Critical seam sealing means just a few of the seams will have been seam sealed, most often just the head, neck and shoulders. So if you’re out and about and active, you’ll most likely find some rain will find its way in we’re afraid (especially through the pockets).

One thing to remember is that even with the sturdiest waterproof fabric around, if the pinprick holes from its construction aren’t seam sealed, it’s inevitable that you’ll get wet. Fully seam sealing is within itself an expensive process, but one that we invest in happily. After all, Rainbird is all about loving the elements!

We’re here to kit you out in only the best, so you’ll also find that not only are our jackets fully seam sealed, but all of our pants are too.

Happy adventuring (keeping warm, dry and comfortable)!

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