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Backyard Boredom Busters

Backyard Boredom Busters
June 18, 2020 RAINBIRD-ADMIN
teddy bear looking out window

?? We’re going on a Bear Hunt ??

???️ ROCK ART ?️??

Now is the perfect time to create a bunch of masterpieces! All you need is – rocks, acrylic paint, paint brushes, and a spray can of clear paint to seal. You can even make learning fun by painting numbers, letters, and sounds on the rocks to create maths equations, spelling and reading!


Rainbow drawn onto a grey rock sitting next to a tree

?‍??‍? SIDEWALK DRAWING ?‍??‍?

Get the kids to make their own DIY paint!! All you need is- Equal parts of flour, salt and water, add a dash of colour using food colouring or why not try making your own earth colours with whatever you can find in the backyard?… flowers, leaves, sand and dirt dust can create nice earthy tones.


Child drawing with coloured chalk on sidewalk

??‍♀️?‍♂️WONDER WALKS ?‍♂️?‍♀️?

Get the inquisitive juices flowing by going for a walk through the yard. Ask questions about how things grow, how things change over time, how the plants and trees change through the seasons, the habitats of the various animals, insects and birds that have made their home in your yard.



Camp under the stars away from screens and distractions. Cook over some hot coals and snuggle up in the sleeping bag that’s begging to be let out of the cupboard. Why not grab a warm jacket, beanie and a torch ready to try and find some night life hiding in the darkness.


Ornage tent with light on at night next to a forest of tall trees

??? MUDDY FUN ???

Its time to chuck on the wet weathers and get messy! Mud kitchens don’t have to be a fancy store bought setup. Simply gather up some old pots and pans, buckets or cups. Create some mud with a bit of water and let the kids go WILD. #kidswillbekids


Kid puring sand onto a log with a blue cup

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