Say NO to boring winter jackets and have some fun! - Rainbird Clothing

Say NO to boring winter jackets and have some fun!

Say NO to boring winter jackets and have some fun!
Rainbic collaborate with Melbourne artist Evie Barrow

These days we’re a hybrid of city dwelling lovers dedicated to our habitual coffee, to the times when we’re ready to switch off and head out into the open spaces and make the most of our beautiful outdoors.

Each season our design team duo trawl through the coming trends, whilst simultaneously road testing our jackets to make sure we’re at the forefront of giving Aussies a fully functional jacket WITH style and comfort. It was along this trail of thoughts that we first decided we wanted to do more than just design, we wanted to give you something different, something unique and something you’d simply love within your winter jackets! Now in our second year of collaborating with Melbourne artists, we were so excited to come across Evie Barrow within our daily Instagram scrolling.

As soon as you land on Evie’s instagram, you’re overcome by the sense of happiness you get from perusing her page. From the illustrations of little Srichacha bottles, to meeting her new characters along with lovely snaps of her furry studio helper! We instantly resonated with Evie’s friendly, bright and fun attitude to life and work.


Melbourne artist and illustrator Evie Barrow

Check out Evie’s instagram

Melbourne artist and illustrator Evie Barrow

Check out Evie’s instagram

Not only does Evie illustrate her works initially by hand, she’s a digital editing whizz and a keen embroiderer too. Just look at these cute handmade Tooth Pouches (gone are the days when those pesky teeth would go amiss during the long awaited visit from the tooth fairy!).

Born and bred in Australia and currently residing in our home city of Melbourne, Evie once lived in the beautiful area of Mallee. So when we approached Evie with the idea of creating some limited edition prints with the focus on our Australian flora and iconic architecture, it wasn’t long before we were head over heels for the artwork created! Through the development of these prints, tweaking the designs and incorporating this seasons colours, we knew this collaboration collection would get you all excited for the cooler and wetter weather ahead!



Hand made tooth pouch

Evie has an awesome Etsy shop too!

Evie Barrow linework for women's jackets

The original Evie Barrow Women’s artwork, drawn by hand.

Evie Barrown linework for men's print

The original Evie Barrow Men’s artwork, drawn by hand.

Stylish raincoats

Winter Jackets by Evie Barrow

Meet the Nix & Luna jackets. Built so you can layer up or down, these provide a lightweight option to the year round protection needed from the elements. Along with being waterproof, one of the key woes of Mother Nature is the wind too! These two jackets provide the perfect barrier between you and being cold/wet. With waterproof ratings of 8,000mm and breathability of 5,000mvp these jacket allow you to be active, in turn sweat and then the fabric permeates the sweat through the fabric. Meaning no feeling cold from old trapped sweat. Along with the high waterproof ratings, another vital function is making sure your jacket is fully seam sealed. Without this, water can easily creep in through those seams where the fabric has been punctured by the needles within its construction. We know a little extra length is always important too, no-one likes a cold ‘behind’! Depending on your head size, or of course your hair style on that day, we always make our hoods adjustable too. We know our Aussies don’t fit a mould, so flexibility within the design is always integral to our Rainbird jackets.


The Luna Jacket

The Nix Jacket

Bring on the cold! Our new Parka’s are totally dreamy – you just won’t want to take them off! Most likely when it’s cold, you’ll get rain (or snow) too, so with that in mind we set about making a jacket that truly feels like you’re wearing your doona out of the house! Filled with a synthetic and hypoallergenic fill (perfect to imitate to feel and warmth of down) both of these jackets will keep you cosy throughout the colder season. Stealing the star of the show? The rain reveal technology built within the outer jacket fabric, so when there’s a downpour you’ll be cosy, dry and rocking one cool jacket and print! Watch our behind the scenes video to see how this works! The women’s jacket comes with a handy adjustable waist to flatter, and both have internal media ports/pockets and are fully seam sealed– so you can stay dry on the fly

The perfect winter jacket – the Europa Parka

The perfect winter jacket – the Cirrus Parka

Our aim when Rainbird designs jackets is to create a jacket that’ll fit around you and your lifestyle, not the other way round. So there’s no need for a wardrobe of a hundred different jackets and coats! It’s the little details, like ample sized pockets (for those doggy bags, wallets and sunnies) or the capability to have equal performance in the breathability and waterproofness of the jacket. Meaning that whatever the weather, you can make do with one to two jackets to see you through the seasons by layering up or down as needed. The functional and performance features coupled with Evie Barrow’s designs this season are to be honest…. TOTALLY AWESOME!

So bring some fun to your weatherproof wardrobe and say NO to boring winter jackets! Read more about Evie here

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