Designed in Australia - Rainbird Clothing

Designed in Australia


The Making of the Rainbird Range
For over 35 years Rainbird have been specialising in technical lifestyle gear. We’re the weatherproof experts, continually being inspired by our surroundings and challenged by the elements. Our designs reflect our Australian roots – drawing from our unique cultural environment of what we know and love. What better way to get to know us and the products you love than learning about our design and testing processes.

Proudly based in Melbourne, Australia, our design team have been dreaming up each and every Rainbird product here from the very beginning. Our head office is the very heart of where the concept for every Rainbird product is born, before our highly skilled manufacturing partners bring the design team’s visions to life.

From the beginning our team draws upon a range of insights to guide them in what styles and technical functions to introduce into our range. Not only do we explore the most up to date developments within the outdoor industry, we also research local and global markets to see what consumers actually want to wear – or need within their weatherproof wardrobe.

Design & Development
There’s an overwhelming amount to consider when working within the weatherproof industry. To name a few; fabric performance, trims and finishes that actually function, colour and styling details. Tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience of our team we combine all of the above together to ensure that our products are able to deal with the unique extremes of our Aussie climate and your greatest outdoor adventures!

Once we are happy with the design and all the details are sorted we send it to our trusted manufacturers and textile mills. This is the start of the exciting process that turns our sketch into reality (or what we call a sample). We know our product not only needs to perform, but look and feel good too, that’s why we test and try our samples on real people and make any necessary tweaks required to optimise our design.


Fabric Testing and Selection
With honesty and integrity being two of our core company values, it’s important to us that we deliver exactly what we promise. This means investing in and bringing you nothing but the very best. That’s why all of our fabrics are independently tried and tested in certified laboratories. You’ll see that we’re transparent with noting our ratings on all our garments and listing a full list of features – we want you to know exactly what you’re investing in when you choose Rainbird.

Quality Control
After the sample is checked, fitted and tested, we get ready for production. We have a dedicated team that travel extensively to ensure that along every step of the way during production right down to shipping; we’re producing nothing but quality. This is why we guarantee that our fault rates are <1% and can offer a three year warranty on all products.