Melbourne artist Evie Barrow x Rainbird limited edition collection

Evie Barrow Collaboration




Evie wants to live in an illustrated world where cosy homes, well read books and kindness rule!

An artist and illustrator, Evie merges the nostalgia of the handmade with quirky and contemporary design. Her light-hearted, playful view of the world is laid out in pencils, acrylic and textiles, bringing a smile to big and little kids alike!

In collaboration with Rainbird, Evie looked to our Australian heritage using native flora and iconic architecture as the subject for her artworks. Featured as a series of fabric prints throughout the range – inside and out of the jackets! Evie Barrow’s art brings a uniquely Australian touch to your weatherproof wardrobe. Who said raincoats can’t be stylish!



What first drew you to being an artist?

If I go way back it began watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. I was addicted to them, it was the best part of my week and like many kids, I’d try to draw my favourite characters. Although I was always dissatisfied that I couldn’t recreate the smooth flat colours that I saw on screen with my coloured pencils. This eventually lead me to a career in graphic design and more recently I’ve turned my focus to art and illustration.


How has your style developed over time?

I’ve always been drawn to character design, bold colours and creating by hand. Originally I worked with textiles, hand sewing characters that I’d designed. These characters started as drawings until drawing them became my main focus. In the past few years especially I’ve experimented a lot and because of that, I feel like my style is still developing. In some ways, I’m heading full circle back to my days as a kid, coloured pencil in hand.


How did you develop the ideas behind your artwork for the collaboration with Rainbird?

The idea to create a theme around Australian flora for the women and urban icons for the men came from original chats with the Rainbird team. From there I chose to focus on a hero line work for each range that was both playful and adaptive to pattern form. I researched native flora and iconic landmarks then built upon those elements with other motifs and hidden characters.

The design process

We simply love Evie’s work here at Rainbird, so we of course wanted the final prints to stay as true to her own signature style as possible. Through numerous chats between the Rainbird team and Evie herself, they were able to develop the final artworks to include some of this seasons colours, play with scale and layer up some of the hand drawn elements that Evie loves to work with.

Through the clever drawing and placements by Evie, our design team were easily able to develop the artworks into what we call ‘repeat’ prints. A ‘repeat’ print means that when our suppliers get ready to print onto the fabric, there is a continuous pattern across it meaning seamlessly aligned patterns! We absolutely love the final four prints created to adorn this year’s range.

Let us know which your favourite is! Oh, and don’t forget to tag us in photos + #RainbirdxEvieBarrow

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