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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Life’s better outdoors! Reward your family and friends with the gift of adventure with a personalised Rainbird gift card.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available online only. When purchasing online an e-gift card email will be sent automatically to your nominated email address and can be used online immediately.
E-gift cards are to be used as an alternative method of payment and can be redeemed in total or used as a part payment, only in the country of purchase. We do not refund cash for any unused gift card amount. Unredeemed values will remain on the gift card.
Gift cards can be used for multiple purchases until the balance reaches zero. They cannot be reloaded or exchanged for cash.
To use your gift card online, enter its Gift Card Number at the checkout. Click on ‘Apply Gift Card’ and this value will be deducted from your shopping total.
You can view your gift card balance online at any time by entering your number.
To learn more about returning an item purchased with a gift card, please see our Returns and Exchanges information.

Gift Card Balance

You can view your gift card balance online at any time by entering your number.
An option to add funds to an existing gift card will appear on the gift card balance page after after checking your gift card balance.
Logging into your Rainbird Account will also give you access to the above along with purchase history and current orders.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

Treat your gift cards like cash. Lost and stolen gift cards and will not be replaced or refunded.
To view the full conditions, see Gift Cards Terms & Conditions below.

Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

  1. An e-gift card is only valid in the country of purchase.
  2. An e-gift card is only redeemable online at
  3. An e-gift card is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. No change will be given. An e-gift card can be redeemed in whole or for part of a payment. Unredeemed values will remain on the e-gift card.
  4. The expiration date on all e-gift cards is three years from the date of purchase on the unused balance. An e-gift card should be treated like cash.
  5. You can view your gift card balance online at any time by entering your number.
  6. Rainbird is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged e-gift cards.
  7. A value of $50–$500 can be loaded onto a Rainbird e-gift card.
  8. GST will not apply to the sale of an e-gift card, specifically the face value/loaded amount.
  9. Once the e-gift card has been fully redeemed it cannot be reused.
  10. If the amount of your e-gift card does NOT cover your total order amount, you will need to pay the remainder of the purchase with a valid credit card.
  11. An e-gift card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card.
  12. Any e-gift cards purchased online cannot be used as payment to purchase another e-gift card.
  13. The 15% off coupon received for signing up to the Rainbird mailing list cannot be applied to the purchase of an e-gift card.
  14. Rainbird reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the e-gift card at any time and to take appropriate actions, including the cancellation of an e-gift card if, at its discretion, it deems such action necessary.