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Motherhood Matters

Motherhood Matters
June 27, 2017 RAINBIRD-ADMIN

Practical Strategies for gaining Sanity & Serenity

Pippa Campbell has always been fascinated by people and compelled by connection, so much so that she studied anthropology to understand what brings us together. While studying she followed her love of cooking and worked as a chef and soon realised what a powerful medium for connection food is. This culminated it her opening her own cafe and food store. It was here that she found the greatest connection – mostly with mothers who would visit her cafe for some cake and chat.

She would hold their babies and they would talk to her candidly about what the journey of motherhood was like for them. When she fell pregnant she harnessed the collective resources of her customers. Using their wisdom and whispering she forged her own path into
motherhood. It was a positive and empowering thanks to the advice she had received from her “mother’s group” and she was felt blessed to be able to return to work with her 2 day old daughter and introduce her to her customers. She was overwhelmed with their amazing response of her customers as they embraced her daughter, entertaining her with cuddles and conversation.

What was most surprising to Pippa was that wisdom and whispering were quite different after she had given birth. What she discovered is that many mothers didn’t have a positive birth experience and now they felt lonely and isolated. When Pippa’s daughter was 9 months old and she was 6 months pregnant again she decided to sell the cafe and then it became clear to her that she should retrain as a doula, birth and early parenting coach.

Pippa has worked as a birth and early parenting coach for 7 years and describes it as the most rewarding job but the more she watched women bloom into motherhood she felt plagued by all the women that approached this stage of life without ongoing support and decided there needed to be a model of care that all women could access regardless of geographical location or personal approaches.


Motherhood Matters is a series of events that celebrate the experience of motherhood at any stage and how it can be helped, supported and improved. The events bring together 8 speakers and stall holders with practical strategies for mothers to regain sanity and serenity. The speakers will explore issues such as financial strain, the experience of fathers, the hormonal roller coaster, gut health, back, core and body weaknesses, stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

“It’s time to get real about motherhood. There is so much we don’t talk about, honestly. At our events we talk about relationships, stress, money, your pelvic floor, our bodies and our hearts. Motherhood is not a gig for superwoman it’s a rite of passage that requires honesty, humility and really good friends. I have gathered passionate, awesome speakers to help us thrash out the truth and offers some practical support.” – Pippa Campbell, Program Director of Motherhood Matters and founder of The Nests

Tonight is bringing together a wonderful like minded group of people. It’ll be hosted at Melbourne’s One Roof space and tickets are available here.

Have a read about the inspirational speakers that’ll be there tonight:

Speaking out on Stress –  Cassie

Getting Frank on Fatherhood with Timothy O’Leary

Honestly what do you really know about your Hormones – Danielle Maguire

Meet the Gut, our 2nd brain – Sharon Flynn

It’s all in your Mindset – confronting our habits with Elissa Jewell

Please don’t ask me about my pelvic floor with Nina Isabella

Mind my Mindfulness  with Nathalie Heynderickx