Shared Values - Rainbird Clothing

Shared Values

We are committed to making things better.

Our culture for continuous improvement begins with ourselves. To be the best, is in the fibre of our every engagement with our people, products, performance and partners.

We are great people delivering a great brand.
We believe in the future, following our passions, living our dreams, and seizing opportunities.
We believe that nothing makes us feel more alive than the freedom to explore, experience and challenge ourselves.
We live and love what we create.
We believe in finding balance and are real people doing real things.


We believe in commitment, enthusiasm, challenging ourselves, being the best we can and taking pride in what we do.


We believe in winning through setting goals, promoting excellence, focusing on the important, searching for opportunities and delivering great outcomes. We believe in acknowledgment of great work and recognition for effort.


We believe in having clarity of expectation, working together, encouraging each other, being adaptable, promoting excellent communication through the sharing of information and listening openly.


We believe in care, respect and consideration for each other, ourselves, our company, our customers, our suppliers and partners, and the wider community that we engage in.


We believe in honesty, trust, dedication and delivering on what we promise.


We believe in dreaming big, celebrating, and laughing out loud.