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Sinead Hanley



We are excited to introduce our very own home grown creative illustrator and designer, Sinead Hanley, bringing to life Australia’s unique flora and fauna through her unique and beautifully creative perspective. Inspired by nature, Sinead brings together colour and imagination, with a splash of texture to create her mesmerising illustrations and designs.

Growing up in the Darling Ranges of Western Australia and forever surrounded by bush and wide-open spaces, its clear to see that how Sinead’s love of nature flows through into all aspects of her works.

In our latest collaboration, Sinead focuses on the narrative of the Below in her imaginative and individual style. By looking under the sea (below), we step into a beautiful and colourful world of busy and beautiful aquatic life that highlight the unique and enchanting spirit of Australia.

Sinead Hanley

What first drew you to design and how did it help develop your own signature style?

Growing up in the Darling Ranges of Western Australia surrounded by bush, wide-open spaces and an artistic community helped formulate the building blocks for a career in design. Creating bush cubbies, collecting a wide array of Banksia seed pods and making mud creek ‘sculptures’ where all a part of the day. Flora and fauna still form an important part of what inspires my work today, nature combined with colour and a large splash of texture.


When creating a new piece of work, where do you look to for inspiration and how does this influence your creative style?

After reading over a brief for a new piece of work I normally start by flicking through visual diaries of words, art play and sketches. This helps to solidify the ‘glue’ for design directions. From here I like to get outdoors and go for a walk to bolster the creative ideas.

Keeping it low-fi and loose to begin with helps keep the creative imposter syndrome at bay. It also provides a solid reference to go back to and keep on track with.


Your print names are very unique, where do you draw your inspiration from when selecting names?

The print names came from the inspiration behind the shorelines and bush scapes print range mixed with a poetic twist of Australian lingo. This playfulness is a celebration of the unique landscape and diversity of outdoor experience.


How did you develop your ideas behind your artworks for the collaboration range with Rainbird?

The idea for the Rainbird collaboration was based an ‘Above and Below’ viewpoint of exploring Australia. The shorelines (ocean, aquatic life, rock pools) and bush scapes (mountains, insects, creeks and gorges) forming two narratives of the unique and enchanting spirit of Australia.

What has been one of your most challenging projects?

I’m currently working on a self-initiated project based on a trip to Karijini National Park in the Pilbara region. I have a whole sketchbook full of designs which are ever so slowly being brought to life based on the ancient rock landscape formed over 2500 million years ago. I wish we could press pause on Friday’s so we have more time in the week to finish a passion project!

Head to Sineads Instagram here to check out her latest works.



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Photos by Kate Hansen Photography