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Rainbird Reads – the magazines you should invest in this month!

Rainbird Reads – the magazines you should invest in this month!
February 19, 2018 RAINBIRD-ADMIN
Australian Traveller Magazine

This month we wanted to share some of the awesome reads that have popped into our mailbox because quite simply, we LOVE to read!

Wild Magazine – If you like to Hike, Paddle, Climb or ride then this bi-monthly mag is for you. Wild has been around since 1982 (surpassing Rainbird by just a couple of years!) and has been evolving the whole time. Actually, the past three edition have seen a whole new re-vamp to invigorate not just its usual readers, but to attract those on the brink of becoming adventure addicts too. If you’re a city dweller constantly counting down to the weekend, eager to explore and try out some new activities then this one’s for you. You’ll find inspiration on every page.

With outdoor entertainment & education neatly wrapped up into pages bursting full of content, by far our favourite article this month has to be ‘Travel Destinations – New Caledonia’.  An easy reference introduction greets you with the staple information needed e.g. currency, language and visa information, the team go on to unearth the hidden gems of New Caledonia. Yes, it’s graced with tropical waters, lush forests and swoon-worthy food, but going deeper than the surface beauty of the country they quickly delve into its history, forage into the ecology and bounce around ideas for accommodation and eateries.

‘Making the outdoors accessible for all’ – Wild Magazine

Wild Magazine

Australian Traveller – If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll often see us regram stunning views mentioning how we’re adding yet another place to our ‘Bucket list’! Well Australian Traveller we promise, will get your travel taste buds tingling like there’s no tomorrow. One of you favourite edition’s to date is the ‘People’s Special’ (which saw us through the Christmas and New Year’s break), compiling all of the Aussie ‘must see’ places from not only from their writers, but from its readers too. You’ll find it literally oozing with recommendations of where to go and what to see. Throughout the pages you’ll be dazzled by the stunning imagery coupled with handy tips & trick like ‘How to be a minimalist packer’ and the low down on Melbourne’s ‘Coffee Hot Spots’. The article we’ve shared the most around the Rainbird office? Their journey into Tasmania’s West Coast wilderness. Near enough equidistance from Launceston & Hobart the stunning town of Queenstown is where you’ll be submerged in the Rainforest; the highlight being the historical train line that’ll take you up the world’s steepest steam-operated railway track. Surrounded by greenery you’re bound to discover the beauty you probably didn’t know even existed. Australian Traveller is definitely worth a subscription.

Australian Traveller

We stumbled upon this magazine of gold a couple of years ago and have since been avid readers. So much so that when we launched our first Collaboration Collection earlier this year, one of our jackets was featured!

Welcome The Collective Hub into your lives – ‘Igniting Human Potential’. Since 2013 this Sydney based publication has been aiming to uplift and empower people to live life to the fullest. Be it career, mindset or creativity orientated – they quite simply encourage you to be the best you can be. Be curious, be creative and join the community! They profile local plus international people and business’ to give their readers insights and inspiration across a whole spectrum of industries. As with Wild Magazine and Australian Traveller, its pages are teeming with striking imagery – even a quick glance will leave you wishing for more time to read. Our favourite discovery in Issue #49? Reading the tale of a New Yorker aiming to find all the spaces in the New York city jungle to pitch your tent! Digital communication is banned and conversation is encouraged; guests sleep the night for free in exchange for bringing food to share between the group.

Now on to the latest copy #51 ‘The Productivity Issue’ and revamping you health, wealth and happiness! Let us know what you think!

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