20 Years of the Ultimate Lightweight Rainbird Waterproof Jacket: The Rainbird STOWaway Raincoat

Jun 11, 2024


Shell jackets for women, and men's outdoor jackets used to offer bulky and unflattering designs, but 20 years ago Rainbird changed the raincoat game. The Rainbird STOWaway jacket blends exceptional waterproofing, vibrant colours and style with featherweight raincoat fabric. And this year, the STOWaway turns 20 years old. Here are all the reasons why this incredible, high-tech raincoat deserves to be celebrated, and added to your wardrobe.

What is the STOWaway Rainbird Waterproof Jacket best for?

Ideal for layering in winter, or keeping you dry from summer rain showers, for cycling, fishing, hiking, or simply strolling through the city, the STOWaway is the ultimate versatile lightweight raincoat you’ve been looking for. Plus, it’s available in kids and adult sizes making it perfect for the whole family. 

Does the STOWaway jacket take up a lot of room?

No. The name gives it away. You guessed it: This windproof raincoat stows away into its own pocket or bag, making it easy to throw in the car or your bag, keeping you dry no matter the weather. Here are the fascinating features that make the Rainbird STOWaway a must-have for any adventurer big or small.

How does the STOWaway high tech raincoat fabric keep you cool and dry?

The Rainbird STOWaway jacket is unbeaten when it comes to weather resistance. Crafted with precision and expertise, its high tech materials repel rain, resist wind, and shield you from the harshest conditions. This is thanks to the blending of two layers of fabric: the first is a tightly woven polyester, and the second layer is a performance membrane coated onto the first layer.

The STOWaway’s raincoat fabric technology guarantees that water landing on the outer jacket does not penetrate the fabric. This achievement involves laminating the two layers together; the clever membrane layer features tiny pores to actively prevent water molecules from passing through.

This raincoat fabric’s features:

  • Waterproof rating = 7000mm
  • Breathability rating = 7000mvp (moisture vapour permeability)
  • Seam sealed: We run heat-sealing tape over all the seams to seam seal them, preventing any water from getting through the small holes created during the sewing process.
  • Back vent to let your body heat escape
  • Lightweight mesh lining in the upper body for ventilation and to minimise jacket weight
  • Rollable hood can be stowed into jacket’s collar to avoid flapping when you’re not wearing it

Whether an unexpected downpour catches you off guard, or you encounter a relentless mountain breeze on a hike, this jacket provides you with exceptional coverage.

The STOWaway’s Raincoat Fabric Works in Summer and Winter

Everyone wants their raincoat to be trans-seasonal, and the STOWaway is the ultimate year-round outerwear. Thanks to its breathability, the STOWaway is the perfect light shell jacket in summer, but works perfectly as an outer layer in winter with jumpers and thermals layered underneath. 

Looking for Children's Waterproof Jackets Australia?

Your little ones love the outdoors, and they need a raincoat to keep them properly dry when they head outside to burn off their ever-present energy. The STOWaway is a favourite among parents and kids thanks to its comfort, breathability, waterproofing and fun, vibrant colours. 

To keep little ones extra dry during wet weather play, the STOWaway has:

  • A ‘stay dry’ stretch sleeve opening to keep arms dry while little hands explore puddles
  • Extra long length to keep bottoms dry while sitting on wet and muddy surfaces
  • The adjustable hood effortlessly folds into the collar when not in use
  • Generous fit to make way for layering underneath on chilly days, leaving room to grow
  • Wipeable fabric to make post-mud puddle play easy to clean off

This Rainbird Waterproof Jacket Offers Feather-Light Portability

You know that feeling when you’re ready to jump out of the car for a walk and it starts to rain, but you’ve forgotten your raincoat? The Rainbird STOWaway solves this frustrating inconvenience with its compact size. When it’s easily folded into its own stowable pocket or bag, the STOWaway takes up very minimal space so it can live in your car boot.

If you’re out hiking or cycling, you don’t want any added weight. Fortunately, the STOWaway easily fits in a small backpack or can even be clipped to your belt, so you always have rain protection at hand. Plus, it weighs only 480 grams, so you won't be burdened with extra weight.

Is the STOWaway Rainbird Waterproof Jacket hard to stow?

No. Unlike trying to refold a road map, the STOWaway jacket is super easy to pack away within its drawstring bag or its very own pocket. It stuffs easily into both the bag and pocket, and you don’t need to fold it in any special way to make it fit. Think of it like a sleeping bag: Simply stuff it in and finish by tightening the drawstring at the top of the bag, or zip the stowable pocket closed.

The Best Lightweight Waterproof Jacket Needs an Adjustable Hood to Keep You Truly Dry

A baggy hood on a raincoat is useless, so the STOWaway hood uses a three-point system to keep your head truly dry in the heaviest of rain storms:

  • Toggle adjustments on both sides of the front zipper help the hood frame your face
  • Velcro adjustment at the back of the hood keeps it from falling over your eyes

Keep your freshly styled hair dry running between social engagements, or keep you and your family’s heads dry during your next outdoor adventure. Whatever your needs, the STOWaway jacket’s hood is perfectly crafted for maximum dryness.

The STOWaway Rainbird Waterproof Jacket Offers Stylish Versatility

Functionality doesn't mean compromising on style, and the Rainbird STOWaway jacket proves that. With a sleek and contemporary design, it effortlessly transitions from the rugged outdoors to urban landscapes. The thoughtful attention to detail in its aesthetic ensures you not only stay dry but look good doing it. From flattering and modern pastels like Pink Clay to vibrant hues like Royal Blue, to captivating floral patterns, the STOWaway offers a fresh take on the classic raincoat.

Rainbird offers yellow raincoats, the best navy raincoat and high vis waterproof jacket options

Rainbird’s STOWaway Jacket comes in every colour you could need. If you’re after a classic navy raincoat, you’re not the only one! This popular subdued tone helps you stay dry, perfect for those looking to escape the wet without detracting from their outfit. If you’re the opposite and you’re looking for a vibrant yellow raincoat, the STOWaway is the perfect high vis waterproof jacket option. With fluoro orange and fluoro yellow options, this jacket works seamlessly as a high vis safety jacket on the worksite (day-time compliant) or when cycling or running on the road. 

Love bold brights but not fluoro? The STOWaway is also available in classic red, royal blue and Raspberry. Thanks to pattern and colour options, the STOWaway can be as classic or as modern as you like.

Every STOWaway Jacket is Backed By Rainbird’s 3-Year Warranty 

Each STOWaway has a 3-year warranty thanks to the Rainbird team's rigorous annual fabric testing, which guarantees fabric quality and consistency. The Rainbird team not only meets but also exceeds Rainbird standards and requirements, as we handle all quality control in-house.

The STOWaway is the perfect womens waterproof cycling jacket or waterproof fishing jacket

If you’re after a hi vis lightweight jacket for cycling or fishing, the STOWaway is the perfect compact option to keep you ultra-dry. In vibrant colours, its ultra light weight doesn’t add any load to your bike. If you’re out fishing, this jacket’s compact size won’t add any bulk to your gear to carry from the car to the perfect fishing spot. 

Now you know how effective and stylish the STOWaway Rainbird Jacket is, it’s no wonder we’re celebrating 20 years of this fabulous jacket. Because in the world of outerwear, where style meets substance, the Rainbird STOWaway jacket offers true innovation. Its weather-proof performance, feather-light portability, stylish versatility, and kid and adult-friendly design make it a standout choice for those who refuse to let the elements dictate their journey. Embrace the unpredictable with confidence, knowing that the Rainbird STOWaway jacket has your back. So celebrate the STOWaway’s 20th birthday by booking an adventure, and gear up and conquer it in style.

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