our environmental impact

About Our Materials

We know that a large part of our environmental impact comes from the materials we use and how we use them. We select our materials and design our products with care and consideration. Selecting to use only high quality, safe material in our garments. Additionally, we ensure that no carcinogenic dyes are used in production, and we strive to reduce waste throughout the production process.

We know there is no quick fix but we are committed to ensuring our products are the best they can be while continuously striving to find better ways of doing things so that you can have confidence in your gear for many years to come.

Sustainable Design

We know that a well-worn jacket isn't just a cosy companion but ingrained with countless adventure-filled memories. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to designing garments that are not only stylish and functional but that will last a lifetime, perhaps even longer.

We create them to be durable when faced with the elements and we select materials that are high performing and hard wearing to ensure your comfort, we design styles that can be worn season after season, year after year helping to reduce our environmental footprint.