How to Achieve Your New Year Resolution 2024

Jan 25, 2024


Sticking to your new year resolution 2024 can be tough, but there are ways to set yourself up for success. Whether your new year resolution involves health, fitness or getting outdoors more, planning ahead is key. Start by investing in a Rainbird waterproof jacket to help you stick to your resolution when the elements are against you.

1. Set a running goal? Buy a lightweight waterproof running jacket Australia

Planning to run a 10k in 2024, but worry the rain will dampen your motivation? Don't let the weather derail your New Year resolution; take control of your goal by investing in a lightweight waterproof running jacket in Australia. Opt for bright colors to enhance visibility, especially if you run near roads or in heavy rain. A waterproof high vis jacket is perfect for grey days and running in areas with traffic.

Here's a top tip: choose highly breathable jackets to avoid feeling clammy while running. Look for those with a Moisture Vapour Permeability (MVP) rating of 5,000mpv or higher.

And if the scrunching sound of your arms rubbing on your torso while you run bothers you, don’t worry. Excellent lightweight waterproof running jackets in Australia are crafted with 'quiet' fabrics to minimise this noise.

2. Set a cycling goal? A waterproof hi vis jacket will keep you safe and dry during training

When you’re training for a fitness goal, you’ll need to stick to a training program no matter the weather. Cycling on the road can be dangerous, and cycling on the road in the rain adds even more risk. To keep you safe and dry, invest in a hi vis fluorescent jacket. From astonishing fluoro yellow to green or orange, you’ll stand out to vehicles as you cycle your heart out and train to help yourself achieve your goal for 2024.
If you’re worried about style, Rainbird waterproof jackets in high vis are all unisex, offering the perfect mens or womens waterproof cycling jackets.

3. Want to conquer that hike or traverse that trail in 2024? A lightweight waterproof jacket is key

Imagine booking a hike on the Overland Track or The Milford Track as your goal for 2024, only to find your jacket leaks, ruining your hike and decimating your new year resolution? Luckily, a Rainbird waterproof jacket will never let you down. Look for a waterproof rating of 5,000mm to ensure you’ll be nice and dry during your trek.

Amazing hiking jackets also offer a 2.5-layered system to keep you extra dry on the trail.This offers a slender laminate inner layer, offering heightened durability and superior waterproofing. Best of all, the lightweight soft-touch fabric keeps you cool and comfortable during warm and damp summer evenings, or can be worn over layers in winter.

Top tip: When choosing waterproof jackets, look for seam sealing technology. This nearly imperceptible technique is accomplished using Heat Sealing Tape, which is applied along the seams. Without seam sealing, the minuscule openings created during the sewing process may permit water to penetrate, leaving you feeling moist. Rainbird guarantees that their jackets all incorporate seam sealing technology, with the exception of softshells and puffer jackets.

4. Need more time in nature? Rainbird waterproof jacket styles keep you dry so you can get outside more often

Spending more time in nature is one of the most useful new year resolutions thanks to its countless health benefits:
A study conducted at Loyola University Health System revealed that taking a stroll in a natural environment markedly reduces the stress hormone cortisol, known to be a trigger for anxiety and depression.
Research shows walking in forests and heavily wooded natural areas boost your immunity

Sounds good right? But this great resolution often falls to the wayside when the weather gets bad. To stick to your resolution, invest in two waterproof jackets; one for winter and one for summer. During summer, look for breathable options like knits and fleeces that are lightweight and wind-proof. In winter, look for heavily insulated jackets that are not only warm, but also waterproof.

5. Decided to spend more family time together away from screens? Prepare your kids with children's waterproof jackets Australia

Are you sick of screens dominating your family life? A new year resolution to find time away from screens usually means more family time outdoors. Once the weather starts to change though, it’s all too easy to forget this resolution in favour of an indoor screen fix.

So! Stick to your new year resolution by preparing the whole family with waterproof jackets. Not all kids raincoats are created equal though, and poor quality options will leave your kids miserable on wet days. Instead look for features like;
Wipeable fabric to ensure easy cleaning.
Adjustable hood that conveniently folds into the collar.
Extra-longs length to keep little ones dry when sitting on wet surfaces.
'Stay dry' stretch sleeves to shield arms during puddle exploration.
Generous fit accommodates layering on chilly days and allows room for growth.

Better yet, invest in waterproof rainpants for the perfect puddle suit on wet days. With head-to-toe waterproof wear, your kids won’t even notice the rain, staying away from that screen for longer.

If you’re a family who loves to match, Rainbird waterproof jackets now offer the STOWaway in childrens and unisex adult sizes and colours. These jackets easily pack away into a tiny pocket to keep you all dry during your outdoor adventures.

Sticking to your new year resolution 2024 is easy when you plan ahead. Don’t let the weather get in the way of you achieving your goal by investing in a Rainbird waterproof jacket. Whether you opt for a lightweight shell or a heavy down jacket for winter, you’ll be able to stay outdoors and achieve your new year resolution no matter what.

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