Catching up with Artist Kirrilly Anderson - Rainbird Clothing

Catching up with Artist Kirrilly Anderson

Catching up with Artist Kirrilly Anderson

Kirrily Anderson (Aka I & the Others) has just opened up her own space – Paper Trail Studio in Chiltern, North East Victoria. Having recently moved from the busy midst of Melbourne’s street art scene in Collingwood to the still beauty of the bush in Chiltern, her artwork has come full circle to reveal the quiet and reflective nature of her upbringing in rural NSW.


We caught up with Kirrily to talk all things inspiration, advice to get creative again and who’s the one artist she’d love to meet and why.

Let’s take it back… you grew up in the serenity of rural NSW. What first drew you the city scape of Melbourne?

The town I grew up in didn’t offer many opportunities for those with a passion for the arts. I came to Melbourne when I was 15 for work experience and stayed with a family friend in Fitzroy. I fell in love with the vibrant and creative scene of Brunswick Street and my mind was made up, I couldn’t wait to leave school and move to the city.

What/who have been big influences on your work?

After my second solo exhibition in 2010 my work became hugely influenced by Melbourne’s emerging street art scene. I loved the work of artists such as Miso, Two one, Ghostpatrol, Kaffeine, Shida – pretty much anyone that was doing smaller works and paste ups – I loved to see new works pop up everywhere and I started to do the same with my work. Now I look to a huge range of artists from around the world – social media really opens things up in terms of seeing what other artists are doing. As well as a ton of visual and street artists I am currently influenced by nature and I have a fascination with the world of fashion, the modelling industry in particular – something I am still exploring in my work.

Who’s the one artist (past or present) you’d LOVE to meet and why?

The work of Del Kathryn Barton is really inspiring. I’d love to know more of her story and her inspiration and processes.

Del Kathryn Barton – an Australian artist who most recently won the 2008 & 2013 Archibald Prizes.

The Art Gallery of NSW have created an inspiring video taking a peak at some of the creative processes and thoughts Del Kathryn Barton feels help to encapsulate the authenticity of her subject matters within her work. Watch it here.


We’re very much in awe of your work here at Rainbird HQ. We actually walk past one of your earlier paste ups in Collingwood every day, what advice would you give to someone wanting to build a creative career?

Just do what you love. Don’t try to fit any moulds. Staying true to who you are and what you love and it will show in your work. Be genuine.

Top three tips to get help your creativity flow?

1. Try a daily practice for a month – a photo a day, a sketch a day etc

2. Find a creative buddy – someone you can share ideas and inspiration with

3. Do something that scares or challenges you – exhibit in a group show, post your work on social media

‘Paper Crown’ by Kirrily Anderson.  A piece created for an exhibition in Sydney, that then became a versatile paste up. Kirrily used this work to play with colours, pattern and collage.

Ok, so a question all Melbournites need to know the answer to… where’s your favourite brunch spot in Melbourne?

Hard to choose, but I always love Allpress Espresso on Rupert Street in Collingwood.

The Rainbird team are a split bunch, regular debates ensue whenever this question arises. Are you a Tea or Coffee gal?

Coffee, always.

Afternoon snack would be TimTams or Shapes?

Shapes. Barbeque please!

We’ve been so lucky here at Rainbird to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful artist such as Kirrily Anderson.

Encapsulating the essence of Kirrily’s original artwork for the Collab prints and combining them with the technical & performance elements involved in Rainbird’s coats was a really fun process.

These Limited Edition pieces have the Kirrily Anderson prints on the outers and linings. We see the Collaboration collection fusing together Rainbird’s Melbourne heritage along with one of the things we’re best known for as a city – our street art & culture through Kirrily’s bespoke artwork.

Check out Kirrily’s designs & make sure you’re kitted out in style for Winter!

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